Amazing assurance and support in this world of uncertainty. Thank you to this wonderful duo making a difference in our lives.'
KAREN  Dec 15, 2021
'Dr. Johnson was fantastic!! Informative, concise and did not talk down to me...a comfort.'
RANDY  Dec 14, 2021
'I felt listened to, and not in a rush- with a doctor who took his time explaining his thoughts and suggestions. Wonderful experience!'
BARBARA  Dec 14, 2021
'Dr. Johnson was very engaging and helpful and took good care of our health issues. He made great additional recommendations and explained everything thoroughly. Thank you!'
TERRANCE  Dec 08, 2021
​​​​​​​'Very thorough, compassionate and overall a great experience. Grateful to have providers like this!'
MEGAN  Dec 06, 2021
'Dr. Johnson and his staff were extremely efficient and quick to respond to our inquiries. He took the time to listen during our consultation and provided timely follow-up to questions even several days later. Very professional and user-friendly. I cannot recommend highly enough!'
ANDREW  Dec 05, 2021
'Dr. Johnson is kind, thoughtful, and an excellent listener. I'm grateful for his expertise and wise counsel.'
LINDA  Dec 04, 2021
'Fast and professional, Thank you'
ELAINE   Nov 30, 2021
'I highly recommend New World Healthcare. From the moment I made my appointment, Jill was prompt, knowledgeable, patient, and very kind, and made sure everything was in order and we were prepared for my appointment. I can't say enough about how Dr. Johnson helped me. He is so kind and patient, and his knowledge surpasses any doctor I have spoken to or read about for COVID. Dr. Johnson and Jill have made my life back to normal. Thank you so much and thank you for helping so many people.'
FRANCIS  Nov 27, 2021
'Very informative and knowledgeable! Thank you
TERRI  Nov 26, 2021
'Highly recommend. Great experience overall!!'
GINA  Nov 23, 2021
'Dr. Johnson is incredibly through, is easy to talk to and took the time to explain everything in great detail. He is super knowledgeable and is passionate taking care of his patients. I'm grateful to have him as a resource.'
JENNY  Nov 23, 2021
'I was very grateful that Dr. Johnson called me back not just once, but twice, when I missed the phone call to have our scheduled appointment. Dr. Johnson is informative about the disease process of covid-19 and very knowledgeable about nutrition and how to support the immune system. He is an excellent listener and very respectful and professional.'
KARA  Nov 21, 2021
'Dr. Johnson and Jill provided prompt, expert guidance and treatment. Working with them provided peace of mind. We are grateful!'
CAROL  Nov 20, 2021
Working with Dr Johnson was a pleasure. He did his homework on my medical profile, listened attentively and offered advise. He gladly answered any and all questions. I would highly recommend him, especially if you are looking for COVID 19 prevention and protocol guidance.'
KAREN Nov 20, 2021
'Thank you!'
TENLEY  Nov 16, 2021
'My experience with Dr. Johnson was overwhelmingly positive. I had done quite a lot of research on Covid-19 and how to be proactive with preparing just in case of contracting the virus, but Dr. Johnson enlightened me on some other measures I could be taking as a precaution. Prior to the telephone conference, his office had responded to all my emails rapidly, always on the same day. This is unheard of today and I was very impressed by their swift response not just once, but every time.'
MONICA  Nov 10, 2021
'I was very pleased with how Dr. Johnson told me in detail how to protect myself with early treatment of Covid-19 and it's variants. I forgot to ask him where is a safe place to get tested or can I get a test kit to protect my privacy.'its
LORRAINE Nov 03, 202
'Dr. Johnson explained Covid in great detail and used language anyone could understand! He outlined the treatment options based on my profile and answered all of my questions. Although there are guarantees, I feel I’m now in the best position to combat this virus. The world needs more Dr’s like him!
THOMAS  Nov 01, 2021
'Doctor Johnson was very thorough in explaining all available treatment options and alleviated a lot of the anxiety I had after getting diagnosed with COVID. Thank you!!'
MATT  Oct 31, 2021