Patient satisfaction is Dr.  Blair Johnson's top priority. Every patient seen by   Dr.  Blair Johnson is invited to a post-visit survey and to share a review. We are pleased to have an average rating of 5 stars
Five stars
'Dr. Johnson is a great listener, he is extremely knowledgeable and gave the impression that he cares about the patient during the whole telephone conversation, I didn’t feel any different with the appt as it were in person. He took time to answer all the questions and gave medical instructions clearly that were easily understood. I was very confident I will win this fight with Covid adding Dr. Johnson on my treatment. Just couldn’t thank him enough to share his time with patients like me in need'
NETHERINE Jul 31, 2022
'We were very pleased with our tele visit with Dr. Johnson. He listened to and supported our needs. We would highly recommend Dr. Johnson and his practice.'
SHARON Jul 07, 2022 
'Dr Johnson was very patient, kind, listened carefully and answered all my questions.'
     NINA May 15, 2022
'Dr. Johnson listened to my concerns and fully explained my condition as well as my treatment options. It was refreshing to speak to a Dr who was willing to educate me on how my body was responding to the virus. Prior to speaking to Dr Johnson I was not provided any education or treatment, only told to go to my nearest Emergency Room. I am grateful for having been put in contact with him and finally on my way to recovery from this.'
DARLENE May 13, 2022
'Dr. Johnson's office has provided the best patient care/experience of several (nationwide) telehealth services I've contacted during the COVID pandemic: he and Jill are wonderfully accessible, prompt, responsive, informative- and so courteous- for a reasonable fee: Top Value! I can't thank them enough for being so concerned about patients as to take on the extra work of offering preventive and early treatment & advice- despite the challenges/regs of practicing in MA. Your office is The Best!'
JUDITH May 12, 2022
'Scheduling was efficient and the staff is friendly.'
ANTHONY Apr 24, 2022
'Dr. Johnson is patient, generous with his time and a good listener. A doctor with his level of expertise and a "patient-first" approach is rare and very appreciated. I highly recommend this practice. 
CHARLOTTE Apr 19, 2022
'I was impressed by Dr. Johnson's knowledge and willingness to help his patients. He is not interested in making money and answered all my questions. Thank you!'
ISMAEL Mar 22, 2022
'Dr. Johnson was great. Supportive and a good listener.'
CORNELIA Mar 22, 2022
'A very helpful and informative visit . I’ll be sharing my experience and sending my friends .'
JANE Mar 10, 2022
'Very satisfied'
KEVIN Mar 09, 2022
'Very knowledgeable and pleasant to speak with. Answered all my questions and concerns.'
AMY Feb 23, 2022
'I'm so grateful that Dr. Johnson is offering this service. We have a family member with underlying health conditions that got Covid and we were searching for someone to help keep her out of the hospital. Dr. Johnson took his time to thoroughly evaluate her situation and advise her on what to do. He was incredibly kind and thoughtful, and we feel so fortunate to have found someone with his expertise who is trying to help treat people before their situations become life-threatening.'
CHRISTY Feb 22, 2022
'Dr. Blair Johnson was informative and concise explaining covid and it's preventitive measures. He was very attentive to my personal concerns.'
DAN Feb 17, 2022
'Very informative. Answered all my concerns'
JEAN Feb 16, 2022
Dr. Johnson and Jill are a great team. They were on my case right away and very responsive. I am grateful for their services.'
JEREMY Feb 15, 2022
'I had a tele-visit with Dr. Johnson on February 7, 2022. Dr. Johnson listened carefully to my issues and responded in an easy to understand fashion. He was very caring and thorough in his questions and explanation of my situation. He spent ample time explaining the prescription and necessary details.'
MARIE  Feb 07, 2022
'I highly recommend this practice! From the ease of making the online appointment, the responsiveness to email inquiries, all the way through the appointment they were professional, knowledgable and caring. During the appointment, Dr. Johnson took the time to listen to my concerns, discuss options, inform me of risks and benefits, answer my many questions. He provided me with information which I used to make an educated choice. Jill was friendly, patient and professional.'
KAREN Feb 04, 2022
Very professional; explained in details all of my concerns and provided a lot of helpful information.'
IVAN Feb 04, 2022
'My visit with Dr Johnson went extremely well. He was very understanding about my medical care needs. Also , all my health questions were reviewed and answered by him. I would highly recommend !'
KATHLEEN Feb 01, 2022
'Listed and was Very easy to speak with'
DALE Feb 01, 2022
'Excellent care and Dr. Johnson is an expert on treating Covid 19.'
DANA  Jan 31, 2022
'Dr. J took the time to understand my issues, asked many questions, and was very forthcoming with the different options to try and treat for resolution. Happy to recommend him. 
DANY  Jan 24, 2022
Dr. Johnson’s communication and care were greatly appreciated. He took the time to explain more about COVID in 30 minutes than I’ve heard in two years. Ex: The types of COVID, the impacts of each type, and the lingering effects, and how to treat them. I’m highly impressed by Dr. Johnson!' 
KEVIN  Jan 21, 2022
'Very thorough, informative and helpful, easy to talk to and explained everything that was asked, was a short visit but happy with overall outcome.'
MICHAEL Jan 19, 2022
'Dr. Blair Johnson was very insightful and helpful. I highly recommend him.'
THOMAS  Jan 19, 2022
'Dr. Johnson was very informative and help put my mind at ease with his knowledge of the medicine he prescribed'
DEBRA  Jan 18, 2022
'I am so thankful for the time I had with Dr. Johnson. He dealt with my particular health situation and advised for the best treatments should I contract covid. I learned a lot. I can't possibly express my gratitude for a physician that is willing to treat covid early!'
TIMOTHY Jan 18, 2022
'Dr. Johnson was open, clear and concise; I felt welcome. There was an ease to my appointment and a clear, honest conversation. Thanks so much.'
DONALD  Jan 17, 2022
'Very happy to have found Dr Johnson. He had me explain what my symptoms were, how long they had been occurring and then evaluated my health. He has provided great guidance and information about covid and how to treat it. I highly recommend the telehealth service.'
MICHAEL  Jan 17, 2022
'Dr. Johnson provided me with the most up-to-date information and care protocol for the issue I contacted him for and was concerned with. I am very satisfied with the time and consideration I received and look forward to continued care going forward.'
ROBERT  Jan 14, 2022
'My visit with Dr Johnson was very helpful. I came away with lots of good information.'
MARIA  Jan 14, 2022
It was time well spent. Very worthwhile.'
JOHN  Jan 14, 2022
'Knowledgeable, informative and was able to address my concerns in a quick manner'
ANTHONY  Jan 13, 2022
Very informative and helpful. I would highly recommend utilizing Dr Johnson if you want the treatments that are effective for early intervention.'
MICHAEL  Jan 13, 2022
'I can’t say enough about how Dr Johnson was able to give myself and my dad the guidance we needed through these nightmare of times. He listens well … has knowledge and compassion to want to help as many people as he can!!! I’m eternally grateful that he is taking a stand during this pandemic. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ?? ps let’s not forget Jill who works with him and is extremely thorough and helpful with everything!!!Behind every good man there stands a great woman!!'
THOMAS  Jan 13, 2022
'Your fast response, knowledge of my history and advice were greatly appreciated. It showed how much time you spent examining my condition. Thank you for your time .'
THOMAS  Jan 12, 2022
'Dr. Blair was so easy to talk to & very understanding. He explained everything thoroughly! Highly recommend!'
STEFANIE  Jan 10, 2022
'Great experience. Important information. I received my prescription quickly.'
MICHAEL  Jan 08, 2022
'Dr Johnson seemed knowledgeable, and patients. He was able to answer my questions thoroughly.'
LAUREN  Jan 03, 2022
'Very impressed with promptness and follow up. Already recommended to 2 family members.'
JIM  Jan 01, 2022
'Easy conversation with doctor and he answered several questions. I left the telemedicine visit feeling that I could contact him later with any question. More relaxed, less hurried that most in-office doctor visits. Dr. did not recommend/prescribe a medication if it was not appropriate for a telemedicine (not in-office) visit.'
RETA  Dec 28, 2021
'Excellent organization, professional, experienced and timely response. Highly Recommended'
GREG  Dec 21, 2021
'Dr. Johnson was very pleasant and knowledgeable on the treatment of Covid 19. Will be following his instructions.'
LAWRENCE  Dec 20, 2021
'Very knowledgeable and took the time to answer all my questions. Very appreciative for someone like Dr. Johnson.'
CARMINE  Dec 18, 2021
'Outstanding service'
NICHOLAS  Dec 18, 2021
'Very Helpful.'
LAUREN  Dec 16, 2021
'Excellent visit.'
LARRY  Dec 16, 2021
'Dr. Johnson is awesome. I was very happy with our televisit. He answered my questions and explained everything I needed to know. I highly recommend it!'
DONNA  Dec 16, 2021