Important Notice

We are not taking Long COVID/Vax Injury patients at this time. This page will be updated when we are accepting new patients for LC treatment.
We are still taking patients seeking COVID prevention and Treatment.
We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience and understanding.


This Contains Important Information
about our Long COVID treatment Plan

Before we start any treatment for Long Covid or any condition that resembles Long COVID due to a vaccine injury, you must be evaluated by your PCP and/or a Specialist to rule out any other underlying Medical Condition causing your symptoms.
Once any other condition is ruled out, we will offer our services to the best of our ability, which may include nutraceuticals and prescription medications for intended and off-label use.
Like the initial COVID infection, Long COVID varies in severity, duration, and recovery for each patient. No two patients will be experiencing the same level of symptoms, and no two patients will recover the same way.
 We do not guarantee, nor can any other physician, guarantee that you will recover after your treatment plan. LC treatments are still being studied and developed.

Every patient is unique, and no treatment is one size fits all. Please consider this if you have medication recommendations from another doctor. We will reevaluate your condition and medications and do what we feel is safest and most beneficial for you.

Your treatment may offer only limited relief of, and on some occasions, no relief from your symptoms. We will do our best to offer you what we believe can and may help, however, after your final appointment, you may feel the treatment was unsuccessful.

Our Cost for Long Covid Treatment is $299.

There will be 4 Appointments. This will include an initial telephone appointment, two follow-up appointments to reevaluate and adjust medication, and a 4th and last appointment to discuss treatment options going forward.
Because there is the extensive time involved in reviewing your past medical history and adjusting treatment to your specific needs, we are not able to offer continuous primary care after this treatment. We are a Telehealth company and therefore can offer you telephone appointments to start, monitor, and reevaluate your treatment.
If you require or prefer in-person appointments with an ongoing patient-physician relationship, our practice will not meet your needs and we ask that you consider this before accepting our services.

Shortly after you request an appointment, you will be emailed forms that we ask you to read thoroughly as they contain important information; complete and submit them back as soon as possible. We will not guarantee your appointment date/time until all forms are returned.

Our Cost does NOT include the cost of medications. Any medication or over-the-counter recommendation suggested to you is your financial responsibility.

To keep our costs down, we do not accept insurance.

If you choose to not move forward after your first appointment, your fee will drop to a one-time charge of $89.00

We do not treat patients under 18.

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For general, NON MEDICAL questions,
Use the form below and we will get back to you within 24 HRS.

If this is an emergency, Please call 911

We do not offer Medical Exemptions