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   Step 1:
  • If you would like to request a consultation, please click "Make An Appointment"
  • You will be asked to fill out your Medical History as thoroughly as possible. 
  • We will review your history and if you are eligible to receive medications that we feel you would benefit from, we will confirm your appointment time.             
  • Please open your medical forms as soon as you receive them. They contain important information about your appointment.

     Step 2: 
  • Fill out the payment form and be available to answer our call at your scheduled time, and up to 2 hours after.   
     It's that easy!
  • A one-time fee of only $89. will be charged once your appointment is confirmed. 
  • ​Please note; if you are prescribed medication, the pharmacy will contact you for payment and shipping details. 
  • The pharmacy is NOT related to our practice and we have no control over their shipping and payment policy.
  • It may be necessary to acquire your medications from out of state to be sure that your prescription will be filled.

  • Please be patient as some pharmacies are experiencing high demand for certain medications, and shipping time may vary. 
  • Our platform is HIPPA safe and your privacy is important to us.
  • *Please do not include personal or medical information if submitting a question. Medical inquiries will not be addressed via the Ask A Question form.

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A unique plan designed to meet your needs and enhance your natural immunity. Building your immune system to give your body its best possible chance to fight COVID, or any virus, successfully

If you were recently exposed or diagnosed, early treatment is key to recovery.
*We cannot predict your outcome for any disease, but we can get you on a treatment plan that we feel will give you the best possible chance to recover. Early treatment has been proven to reduce symptoms, and lead to a faster recovery minimizing negative outcomes.

If you are diagnosed and feel your current treatment plan is not leading to recovery, we will work with you and give you options, including treatment that has been shown to reduce severe symptoms and lead to faster recovery.
*We do not know how you will respond to treatment. Every patient is unique and their needs are different. We can not guarantee your desired outcome. *